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We are the Raleigh, North Carolina Lodge of the Vasa Order of America, a Fraternal Society originally established for the benefit of Swedish immigrants a century ago, but now dedicated to preserving and sharing our Scandinavian culture and heritage.
  2010 Lodge Officers Elected
Andrea Ullberg on Saturday 20 February 2010 - 19:10:26 | Comments: 0

Please join me in thanking the following for volunteering their time and service to the Lodge:

Chairman:  Andrea Ullberg
Vice Chairman:  Jan Fagerberg
Recording Secretary:  Rita Hollinghurst
Assistant Recording Secretary:  Magnus Ullberg
Treasurer:  John Butts
Finanacial Secretary:  Jenny Jagdmann
Assistant Finanacial Secretary:  Audrey Benrud
Chaplain:  Kerstin Gothson
Cultural Leader:  Elizabeth Dear
Master of Ceremonies:  Elizabeth Dear
Assistant Master of Ceremonies:  Luis Fondo
Inner Guard:  Marjorie Bonner
Outer Guard:  Åsa Butts
Trustee 2010-2012:  Jennifer Hollinghurst
Trustee 2010:  Rick Bersagel
Trustee 2010:  Jan Fagerberg
Auditor 2010-2011:  Anita Jagdmann
Auditor 2008-2010:  Bob Weaver
Local Lodge Historian:  open

Again -- thanks to all who have volunteered to serve the Lodge, and I personally look forward to working with each of you in the coming year --- Andrea

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